Happy birthday Levi!

My sweet second born you are five today, FIVE!! There are times that I find myself in such awe and wonder at the boy you are becoming. You are my little artist in every sense of the word, full of deep creativity and passion. I often find you lost in creating, singing to yourself in your own little world. I see myself in you more than any of your siblings - a deeply shy and sensitive soul, sometimes misunderstood, quiet and funny and comfortable around people you know well.

Today you must have spent six hours sitting and sketching, I found piles of paper all over the house. Except for the special lunch out with Grandma and your wish for more tracing paper that she granted on the way home you were lost in thought, drawing away. You looked up at one point and said "Mom, tracing paper is just so, handy!"

Levi I think about the past five years and how our family has changed and grown. I am so proud of the ways that you have stepped into being a big brother so tender and sensitive, you love your siblings more than anything in the world and it is such a gift to behold!

I adore you bud, your tender heart and eager joy. Your name means "joined in harmony" and I have always felt that fit you perfectly. You are the sweetness that adds beauty and harmony to this family. I am so very honored to be your Mom and can not wait to see you continue to grow into the man God has made you. I love you Levi to the moon and back. Happy birthday sweetheart! Love, Mom


  1. Sounds like you have yourself an architect in the making with that trace paper comment ;) Happy birthday to your sweet little guy

  2. Soooooo beautiful! He will be so proud to have you as his mommy forever!

    Kisses and blessings.
    Happy B-day, tender boy!
    Mirys (www.diariodos3mosqueteiros.blogspot.com) from Brazil

  3. Happy Birthday, Levi! He is one amazing boy--so full of creativity and kindness! You captured him so perfectly in this post. Levi's pictures and his hugs make me smile and make me so excited to have a son one day!! Love that birthday boy so much!!! xoxox

  4. I also love this letter of yours to Levi, Rebekah! I love how you know your son so deeply, how you see his gifts and affirm them, and how you celebrate how God has made him to be! He is such a joy in our lives, and I just can't imagine our world without him! So looking forward to watching him grow in so many ways this year! We love you, Levi, and just cherish your big-hearted ways!!

  5. Happy Birthday Levi!! Such a sweet blessing! xo Heather


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