make something monday :: quirky succulent gardens

At my Sisters wedding last month she used tons of succulents in her incredibly gorgeous decor. I loved all of the vintage cigar boxes and rustic linens she had lining the tables! I came home with a dozen or so left over tiny plants and they have been sitting on my table waiting for me to do something with them. I decided to put a few into some of my favorite vintage Pyrex dishes with colored gravel for a quirky twist. They were super easy but thought I would share my process with you today!


vintage dishes
assorted succulents
potting soil
gravel - (I used left over fish tank gravel in pink and turquoise)

First find the best grouping for each dish, I think they look best pretty full.

Next remove each plant and add some potting soil. I gave each pot a good bit of water since they were pretty dry and it was a hot day and then let them air out a bit in the sun.

Next I carefully added the gravel to each dish covering up the potting soil. I could totally see these in a bright white pot with bright white rocks as well for a much more modern look.

And that was that. Simple, quirky and free since I had everything laying around the house.

I've been keeping the succulents fresh with a water bottle every few days. I have learned the hard way how easy it is to over water these sweet little guys. Although I admit I am not the best with plants so if you have any further succulent tips for me leave them in the comment section I would love it!

Hope you have a wonderful day today...

PS. I am over at beautifully rooted this morning too with a new post on hospitality.

Happy Monday!


  1. this idea is amazing and it looks so good.
    xo, Petra

  2. I think the rule of thumb is watering them when the soil is nice and dry.

    I love the colored rocks!

  3. Love the bright colors and such a cute idea putting them in the vintage pyrex!

  4. I love this idea, and they are so sweet in vintage Pyrex! Thanks for sharing! Happy new week! ox Heather

  5. cute rebekah :)
    having about a gazzilion plants myself, what i have found with indoor succulents is to hardly ever water them. i have a few indoor ones i haven't watered in weeks (two in my sunroom i haven't watered in a month)... i think a little water at the soil maybe once a week or every ten days if it is really hot and dry though... make sure they get enough light and don't over-water and they are pretty easy!!
    very pretty!

  6. Fun! I wouldn't think about the rocks- such a neat idea.

  7. This is a wonderful idea - I love the bright colors!

  8. Cute!! I have some succulents potted in tea cups from the thrift store. Might have to do something like this when they outgrow the cups :)

    One thing that I did to help with drainage and prevent overwatering was to put some small rocks in the bottom of the container before putting soil in. That helps since this kind of container doesn't have a hole to drain like most planters do.

    Cute blog- I'll have to start following :)

  9. These are super cute! I love succulents, but I don't allow myself to buy any anymore because I ALWAYS over water them.

  10. I am going to do this today! Thank you for the threat ideas! Karen


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