today was...

full to the brim

a wild morning of getting my three ready to head out the door

two cups of coffee to wake up

a trip to Seattle

sitting in traffic and singing to the radio with my babes

an hour and a half wait at the doctor before Simon's check up

my younger two hanging out with auntie Jenny and cousin Wes

a yummy lunch waiting after with lots of noise and the Mommies trying to hear each other speak

cupcakes from my favorite place and my new favorite flavor, Samoa

a long drive back home

worn out and thankful to see Daddy for an hour before he headed to worship practice

peanut butter sandwiches and apples for dinner, guilt free :)

dancing and making each other laugh before bed

stories prayers and goodnight kisses

...thankful for another day given to me freely, I am one blessed (and tired) Mama!


  1. YUM. Sounds like a blessed day, lots of singing and dancing!

  2. Hey, I'm new here. First of all your family is just precious! Must be hectic at times with three youngsters but oh such a blessing. I love to relate to other creative moms out there especially in the Northwest.
    We just recently took a trip to Bellevue, WA. We love to go shopping there and just to hang out. It reminds me of the Pearl district here in Portland, OR if you ever have been. Anyways, your DIY's are all so adorable. Great Job! & Happy Blogging!


  3. Woah that is a full day! I love throwing some days like that into our calm stay at home days.

    And girl, pb and apples is a totally well rounded meal!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonder-FULL day filled with sweet moments!

  5. can i have a bite of that cupcake?

  6. i love you, rebekah, and i loved reading this glimpse into your full-to-the-brim day yesterday. i hope simon's appt. went well, and my heart is happy for you and jenny to have had some time together, too! congrats, again, on your huffington post blog feature! thrilled for you and cheering you on, as always, dear sister!! xoxo

  7. Lovely photo! I have to agree that my day today is going to be full to the brim :P hehe Lovely little blog you have here <3


  8. What a beautiful day. Good reminder to delight in each little thing that makse up a full day.

  9. You are a beautiful inspiration to me of a Godly wife and mother! Thank you~


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