dinner at eight returns!

It's been a little quieter around here this week than I like. Little miss Josie has been pretty sick (read up every thirty minutes at night kind of sick) and it has turned into Mommy being a bit under the weather too. But have no fear I shall return soon enough. Being pregnant with a baby in arms is exhausting though I will admit...I made it through once having my boys sixteen months apart so I know I can do it again (praying hard and crossing fingers :)) but I am working on taking it one day at a time and offering myself a bit more grace these days...it's so hard isn't it not being able to do everything especially when sickness is involved. sigh.
In the mean time I wanted to mention that I am finally planning to bring the old dinner at eight feature back just in time for Valentines day! I am planning a special little date night at home for me and Mr. Gough and I know many of you have been interested in jumping in to participate too. I wanted to give you a heads up that February I will be hosting a linky party for it and will add it to the dinner at eight page at the beginning of the month. It will be open for the entire month so feel free to link up your date night at any point so that we can all see!

Last years Valentines date was so much fun so I am looking forward to getting the juices flowing again and Chris is excited as well. We had a little household meeting last weekend and got to talking and he mentioned that he really loved those date nights at home...I got the hint ;).

So who is in for February? Let's call the theme: Sweetheart that way you won't feel pressure to host it on Valentines day specifically. I will leave you with a few inspiration photos to get the ideas started. Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!

(all images and sources can be found HERE)
(You can check out other dinner at eight date nights HERE)


  1. i'm in. i'll let you know what we end up doing!

    hope everyone feels better soon. i feel like everyone has been sick lately, i'm ready for spring!

  2. Those You & Me signs are fabulous. Hubby nad I had a date night last night...a trip to Lowe's with our girls:) We had a fire 3 weeks ago and needed to go get new kitchen paint and things to freshen up the space that got hit. I was in heaven though, knowing its going to be fresh & bright after such a trial in our lives.

  3. Oh no! Poor pookie. I hope she (and you) feel better, stat. It is so hard being sick when our littles are sic, then add being preggers. It is all too exhausting. I'll say a prayer for the wee Gogh family.

    I'm in! I've been wanting to do this. A date night at home with the hubby sounds just too wonderful.

  4. I am so inspired!
    Can't wait to join in the fun and spoil my man.
    Love from,
    PS. Being pregnant and having 3 small kids to take care of is hard, hard work. And oh so much harder when they are sick and you are sick and even mroe tired than you were already.
    You are right about grace.
    Give yourself lots and lots and lots of it.
    It's ok to let them eat cereal (or whatever is easiest) for a bit.
    I learned so much about what really mattered when I was in those days.
    Most things I thought mattered didn't that much. :)
    Hope you are all better real soon.

  5. I admire you so much, but so sorry you've been unwell - hope you get all better very soon and can't wait to participate in this lovely, most inspiring project! : )

  6. Oh I love Dinner at Eight! Get well soon...

  7. Yay! I'm definitely in!! So so excited to be doing this again. Erik and I have both missed it so much. And let's set up that phone date soon! I am dying to hear your sweet voice!


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