make something monday :: suede feather earrings

I have a festive little tutorial to share with you this morning. Something to get you into the Thanksgiving mood - feather earrings made with suede scraps and chain! The perfect compliment to all things fall, boots, tights, hot apple cider, frosty mornings and pumpkin pie. And they are super easy so you will be able to whip up a pair in no time at all!

 For these super simple earrings you will need:

- two colors of suede or leather (felt would work great too!)
- jump rings
- chain
- earwires
- tiny beads or gemstones (totally optional)
- scissors, a nail, hammer and jewelry pliers

1. Simply start by cutting out two feathers from each of the two colors of suede using the feather pattern (below).

 2. Lay each set of feathers together and using your nail and hammer (and a cutting board or piece of scrap wood) drill a tiny little hole into the tops.

3. Next add a jump ring to connect the feathers and hang some chain on the front as well using the jewelry pliers.

4. You might need to add a second jump ring to the top depending on how you would like the feathers to hang, attach the earwires and you are pretty much finished and ready to go. If you would like to add the gemstones or beads might I suggest THIS tutorial on wire wrapping techniques - it's pretty much the best!

Make up a bunch and get your Christmas presents finished early or keep them for yourself as a festive treat!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday I will be back with Kristen later this evening to share our seventh capturing our blessings set!

feather pattern - drag the image to your desktop and re-size however you would like, print on card stock and enjoy!


  1. This is so adorable! I'm so excited to do this. I think I might do it sometime this week! And thanks for the print out!

  2. um- yes, please! I can't wait to make these.

  3. super cute!! too bad i am horrible at making things ;)

  4. This is so easy and cute. >I'm loving it! This makes a prefect favor for a little girly party.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. ooooh! i love these! thank you!

  6. So perfect for fall--I love them! Thanks for your sweet comment today--I have been so blessed by reading your blog over the last few months, particularly your joy in the "bits of sunshine" that God has provided you in the midst of many hardships this year. Thank you for encouraging me to look for those blessings in my own life. They help me to look at my circumstances as part of God's beautiful (and redemptive) story! Elisabeth

  7. Those earrings are so cute!!! and easy to make as well!!!


  8. lovely! I featured this on my blog, here:

  9. Love it! I love it's mother nature vibe.

  10. I love leather creations, beautifully done

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