colors of fall

 Earlier today the boys and I made these stained glass wax paper leaves. It was fun but I admit that I think I liked it the most. They thought it was super cool to watch the crayons melt into a mess of colors underneath the paper towels but I did most of the cutting. It makes a pretty colorful little window display for the fall though don't you think? (excuse the dirty window please)

I am still taking down halloween and birthday decorations from mondays festivities. I was a mess on tuesday morning when I awoke after the candy coma - worst migraine ever so I laid around most of the day and such has been much of the's friday and there are still things lingering around from it all but I am determined to finally clean it up this weekend and start getting into gear for the holiday season.

It's been such a crazy year I really can not believe it is already november. It is so true what they say about the days being long but the years being short with kids in the house. I am so looking to this holiday season with the kids getting older and getting excited about it all - makes me feel like a kid too.

I will be back later this evening with mine and Kristen's fourth entry in the capturing our blessings project. I am planning to include a linky today for the few who are joining us this month is savoring the sweet snapshots each day, things that we are so grateful for. There is plenty of time to join in and link up and I hope you will because we would love to see what makes your heart stir with thanksgiving this season.

Happy friday everyone may your fall weekend be full of life, color and blessings.  I will also be back monday with an easy little tutorial to share!


  1. i always think i enjoy the art projects more than wes too...but it's just because we have such great fine motor skills ;)

    super cute!

  2. beautimous! must do this soon!

  3. oh, i just love this! :) thank you for sharing!

  4. It´s WONDERFUL...I love...<3...


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