lady liberty fascinator

 Happy Thursday guys, thanks for all the love on the paint chip banner you are so sweet and have such fun ideas too!!! I think someone mentioned it the comments that the big fat paint chips aren't available in Europe so now that has my mind spinning with thoughts of making a tiny version, maybe a cake topper?? I think I am sort of addicted to the paint chips!

But today I wanted to share a different project - this time for something fun to wear to all those BBQ's this weekend! The lady liberty fascinator - it is super easy to put together and could alternately be worn as a belt. I had a lot of fun making it this week and I thought you guys might too.

All you will need:

fabric scraps in festive colors
fusible webbing such as wonder under
sewing machine
fabric glue
long piece of ribbon
star shape template
1. Collect all your fabric scraps and start by adding fusible webbing to a little stack of them (follow the directions for your particular brand). I do it this way when I want to cut a tiny shape out of the fabric because the webbing gives it some weight and makes it easier to cut. Then trace the star shape onto the back of each scrap and cut them out.

2. Now peel the backing off of the stars and line them up onto some felt. Iron them all down with a hot iron. Sometimes the webbing doesn't want to stick right away to the felt but it will just keep running your hot iron over the stars gently and then let it cool.

3. I chose to use my sewing machine and top stitch around each star to give it a little bit more texture. You could alternatly hand stitch or even skip this step but I think it gives it a nice finished look. Do this next before cutting out all of the finished stars.

4. Now line your stars up onto some ribbon and glue them down you want to. I love fabritac for my fabric glue needs but a hot glue gun would work great too. I also made a few bobby pin stars with the leftovers by gluing a tiny piece of felt and sandwiching a bobby pin in between.
So easy and so festive. I sort of love being festive at parties even though Mr. Gough sometimes teases it dorky that I think about my festive outfits ahead of time? Is this just me or do you do it too?? Thanks for letting me share guys hope your Thursday is blessed! xo


  1. no way is it dorky...or maybe I am dorky too! This is adorable ;)

  2. Love this, especially the polka dot fabric. :)

  3. um, yeah...i ordered a blue striped tank for the 4th weeks ago!
    this is fantastic. my mom always decks out red, white & blue for the 4th [family reunion] & i would LOVE to make her one of these. we'll see if i actually squeeze it in!

  4. I have never thought about what to wear before festivities. However, I do appreciate the people who do! It sure makes it a lot more fun. Perhaps I should start!

  5. oh my goodness, you are too cute. i love your full-of-joy smile, rebekah!! (and i love the name you gave this design, too. so good.)

  6. I think it's time to make that star bokeh filter!! You look gorgeous! I wish headbands stayed in my hair, this is really cute.

  7. @Jenny - I am totally going to have my star filter on the fourth too :)!! - this one ties in the back but maybe if you use elastic in the back it might stay put better??

    thanks guys for the sweet comments I don't feel so dorky now :)

  8. Ooh, I love this! I haven't figured out my 4th outfit yet and I might have to whip up a couple of these real quick :)

  9. This is so cute!
    I just found your blog and am wondering why I haven't run across it before, I love it, I just spent awhile looking through it, so fun!

  10. i adore this project. such a pretty little accessory for the holiday. can't wait to go home & make one for myself.

  11. Just found your blog recently and I'm really enjoying it. I actually have everything on hand for this project! What a great idea!

  12. Love your paint chip banner (I just shared it on my blog - I hope that is OK) and this headband is just fabulous, too! I see (hope) an etsy shop in your future ... for those of us who aren't quite as crafty?

  13. Love this headband. So cute. You could make this for any season with any shape and colors. Great idea!


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