make something monday :: butterfly snack bags

project originally from BakedBree - thanks Bree for saving my hide today!
Were a little bit crazy over here today. I am teaching a jewelry class this evening at Fusion Beads and truthfully I am a tad unprepared. This morning I knew I would need to take my crew to the office supply store for some printer ink so that I could finish printing up the instructions for tonight and on our way out the door by the grace of God I remembered that tomorrow Levi is on snack duty for preschool. Those of you who have preschoolers know that snack duty is kind of a big deal - at our kids school you get to be *host with the most* for the day and treat everyone. I usually try to get the kids engaged in the snacks somehow but knowing I would be home really late I was sort of freaking out in my mind. I only wanted to stop for the ink (and maybe the drive thru for a venti americano - I have been up since 5am folks don't judge me) and I remembered that we had plenty of goldfish and raisins at home. I then thought of the cute little butterfly snack bags I have seen via BakedBree a few times lately. This week the kids are studying insects and could be perfect but I still needed snack size ziplocs (everything else was waiting at home) as luck would have it on our way into Staples there was a huge display of summer supplies including snack sized ziplocs - yes!
These are pretty self explanatory - we just filled the baggies with snacks and then I set up a little craft table for the boys to paint the clothes pins.
I rolled the antenna around a crochet hook while they painted

We clipped them to a plate and allowed them to dry and then added the eyes using a white and black sharpie. The googly eyes Bree used were even better but we were not going out again for those maybe next time.
Once they were all dry the boys added some stickers and we clipped the bags together. Levi was beaming with pride and decided which child in his class will get which butterfly.
And Simon made me promise that we would make these for his class next time he is host with the most he was pretty bummed that it wasn't his turn tomorrow! Wouldn't these be cute with skittles or conversation hearts as party favors??

Fun project - I love finding great ideas around the web to use in a pinch. Anything good you've seen lately? Hope you all are having a great Monday I am off to finish getting ready for what should be a fun evening making jewelry!!


  1. good luck tonight! i'm excited for you to be doing that again...will it become a regular thing? perhaps I should try a class one of these days!

    and i LOVE this simple and cute idea...I've been trying to think of some painting projects Wes can do outdoors now that the weather is starting to cooperate...I'll file away this snack bag idea for later!

  2. Seriously SO cute! Love em.

  3. easy and adorable! LOVE it!

  4. amazing! they turned out wonderfully-another make something monday that I must do w/my girls:)

  5. Adorable--my daughter would be over the moon for these!

  6. Cute! I'm thinking about making these with Trix cereal. :)


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