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Fancy Felt May Baskets by Jessica Kesterson {Living the Swell Life

I grew up in a small Midwestern town where May Day was a huge deal!  Every year on the first day in May we would celebrate springtime by filling up baskets of candy, flowers, etc., then ran through the neighborhood, delivering them to our friends.  The only catch was that the recipient shouldn't see who delivered it--so we would set these baskets on doorknobs and doorsteps, ring the bell, and RUN!  It was the sweetest tradition, a day full of thoughtfulness and surprises.  Here's my no-sew DIY on making an adorable May basket, perfect for resurrecting this fine holiday in a neighborhood near you.  This tutorial uses felt, but this project could easily be adapted to paper, fabric, etc.  Enjoy!!

1 | Gather supplies:
felt, cut into one 7x11" piece and 1x11" strip
fabric scissors
hot glue gun
handful of your favorite buttons & trims
needle + thread (if desired, to sew on buttons)

2 | Cut slits:
Fold the 7x11" piece of felt in half, shorter sides together.  Approximately 1/2" above fold, make a 1" snip through both layers.  Repeat on opposite side.  When you unfold the piece, these will become the *tabs* to secure the sides of the basket.

3 | Add trim:
Glue your favorite trim along both ends of the felt (on the same side).  Here is your chance to get creative! Use whatever ribbons, lace, or rick-rack you have on hand!

4 |  Fold & glue:
Turn the project over so that your trim faces down. Begin by folding one tab toward center.  Glue back of right side to the front of the tab.  Next run glue along left side, then overlap and press it into the edge of the right side.  Your basket is half done! Repeat steps on the opposite, except begin by gluing left side to tab, then overlapping with right.  (That way both of your "raw" edges will face the backside of the basket.)

5 | Add the handle:
Glue long strip to the inside edges of bag.  Adjust length to your liking.

6 | Polish it off:
Now go to town, decorating the front with buttons, fabric flowers, and other fun notions as you wish!  To replicate the white flower on the gray basket, you can check out this tutorial!

Make many more, fill them up with sweet treats, and deliver them to your friends + family on May Day!

Aren't these the cutest things ever!!! A special thanks to Jessica for sharing such a perfect little project here today just in time for May Day on Sunday!


  1. These are adorable! You are so creative!

  2. These are so cute! I love that you don't even need to pull the sewing machine out to make kind of project. :)


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