would you blame me?

if I totally bit a big chunk out of that sweet little face? I want to eat my babies - oh how I love all my kiddos so, I am one lucky Mama!!

the other two were also at risk - I pulled these two from my old Orangepoppy archives. Look how scrumptious Simon (7 months) looks in his little snow suit and Levi (8 months) in that robe. Maybe that's why we call em cutiePIES...
photo taken by Kristen :)
be back in a bit with my make something monday post but just thought I would put that out there, you know for accountability. She wouldn't be as cute with a chunk missing from her cheek but at this age it's always so tempting!


  1. i love those darling babies!! what a dear gift to my heart to be their aunt...i am so blessed. special photos all around, but the top and bottom ones--sooo beautiful! (hello, big smile josie in that first one!!) xoxo

  2. yes - the sweetest!!
    i love that last picture of you and beautiful josie, you look amazing rebekah and your hair is SO long! :)

  3. i would like to eat those cheeks too...and those baby simon and levi are killing me!


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