make something monday :: garden markers

I am not entirely sure that this counts as a *craft* today but after a having few days of beautiful spring sunshine here in Seattle I was in the mood to do a little something outdoors this afternoon. I have been sitting on a sweet gift certificate my Mom in Law blessed me with last year to Swansons Nursery - to be honest I was saving it for the vegetable garden I wanted to start this season but after the decision to sell our home and move it seems like a full blown garden isn't in the cards - total bummer.  But I thought I would do a few pots to get my spring juices flowing so we headed to the garden store as family.
I decided on just a few herbs, strawberries and peas. I hope to add some tomatoes and basil as the weather warms up. I had fun cleaning up our back patio a bit and getting my hands nice and dirty. I wanted to add some sort of garden markers to the several pots I filled - rocks and a sharpie did the trick today.
If I had really put my heart into it I would have drug out the paints and all to make my rock markers a bit more crafty but truthfully I wasn't really in the mood - my three year old was making a big enough mess (read - a large colorful pen mural on our carpet) and we are attempting to keep the house under control for potential buyers so I refrained.
I still long to one day get my vegetable garden started and maybe a few chickens too but that will all have to wait for at least another year. In the mean time I have been loving Kari's amazing posts on planting edibles specifically in the northwest I am bookmarking it for future reference - Kari you are my gardening hero!! And my little pots were just the thing to get me even more excited for this new season!

So what about you, what are you planting in your garden this spring?

Happy Monday Friends! xo


  1. This craft is right up my alley! We just moved to a new place and the former owner has a gardening phenom. I have no clue what half the plants are, but once I figure it out I'll be labeling them (using the giant piles of stones she left us). Thanks for the idea!!

  2. loving the nail polish in these posts ;)

  3. ha - thanks for noticing jenny...home manicures and mad men do a wonder of good in the wee hours :)

  4. making me want to go to the garden store :) LOVING the nail polish :)

    oh...I just saw another commenter did too...and you were watching mad men while painting your nails turqoise? SO my kind of girl :)

  5. i my WORD i love your nail polish!!!!! please oh please do share the hue!

  6. thanks for the nail polish love guys - it's Sally Hansen in mint sorbet :)

  7. Love the pics, great ideas for a garden! am in love with the turquoise colour on the first pic :) You just got a new follower.

    Please visit my blog :)


  8. You have such a green thumb...or at least a green thumbnail :) I'm glad to hear that Josie is ok! Oh my!


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