make something monday :: cupids kiss "mocktail"

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Today I have a simple little recipe for a festive "mocktail" perhaps an idea for something extra special to surprise your loved ones with tonight!

When we were girls my Sisters and I LOVED to order Shirley Temples when we went out to dinner (we might still on occasion but shh don't tell) - did you order those too? This is basically a Shirley Temple with cream. So simple + sweet! I even made little cupids wings for the skewers!

2oz of grenadine syrup + sprite or 7UP poured over ice 

A splash of half and half

And of course a cherry on top!


Tonight we plan to put the kids to bed early for a date night in, I am looking forward to it!

I know that valentines day can be cheesy and overdone but it is always a good idea to tell the ones you love what they mean to you. I hope however your day plays out, romantic, silly, uneventful - that you all know you are loved!



  1. Oh, I'm def. going to have to make these. I am a shirley temple lover myself, and I still order them too! :)

    Have a wonderful date tonight with your husband Rebekah! You two deserve it.

  2. That is adorable....I love the way you embellished the mason jar!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! Love you all! Give those three sweeties a smooch for me. :) xxoox


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