make something monday :: laundry bag

happy Monday everyone! I don't know about you but we seriously hit the after Christmas purging pretty hard this weekend. The family has been sick so we laid low, stayed in jammie's and started going through all the kids clothes and the kitchen. It felt really really good!

I was also inspired to make a laundry bag out of a vintage sheet (I have way to many of these taking up space) because we have three kiddos sharing on very tiny bedroom. There is not a lot of extra floor space in there but you all know how much laundry three kids can produce in a day - an obscene amount. Needless to say we are constantly tripping on it. I wanted to make something I can hang behind the door, easy to haul downstairs to the basement where our washer and dryer reside too!

This was a no frills project and literally took me under an hour. I threaded the ribbon while nursing the baby and patted myself on the back for multitasking! It actually turned out pretty well and so I plan to make another one for our bedroom. Maybe something a bit more fancy - I am in love with this one at urban outfitters but not sure I want to spend the time adding ruffles to a laundry sack myself.

If you would like to make one of these babies too might I suggest using the pattern for a drawstring bag over on the purl bee blog. I just altered the size  - I started with a rectangle closer to 72" X 22"..and I also want to note that I used ribbon for my tie but will need to replace it with a heavier duty cord in the near future. I just didn't feel like going to the store for this. Let me know if you have any questions!

also this past weekend my SIL, Jenny invited a bunch of us to a "junk swap" in a few weeks - a party where you bring your junk and trade for new fun stuff too! I think she is positively genius and can't wait. It has given me an even bigger push to continue the simplifying I am committed to in 2011!

Hope you all have a wonderful week - I am planning to back with several more posts too!


  1. Oh my goodness I love your new blog!
    Thanks for the call the other day - hope to call you soon, i miss you!

  2. adorable! (your photos could be in a magazine, rebekah. your kids' room is an inspiration!) loving your 'make something mondays'!


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