make something monday :: felt heart strings

I did a little crafting this weekend but nothing really worthy of a tutorial. Just some simple felt hearts in pink with spots of orange and yellow to hang over my marigold piano. A little dreaming about my valentines day display encouraged me to throw on a good girly movie and cut cut cut. I just slipped the hearts through my sewing machine to sting them together and now they are waiting for the perfect little moment to myself to get lost in decorating that corner of my home for the holiday.
It's another dreary day here in Seattle. My boys are in an after lunch time tub and their Sister is making herself known that she would like some lunch too. Not a lot planned for the rest of the day but maybe another cup of coffee some play dough and dinner making madness in a few hours but at least I don't have to get out of my sweats if I don't want to.
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday staying warm and cozy whatever you do...and what about you, did you make anything fun this weekend?


  1. beautiful! (will you post a photo of your whole valentine's day display when you have it up?) love your heart garland and the sweet glimpse into your afternoon. xo

  2. So sweet. I'm just starting to think about V-day decor and will probably make this for my daughter, who is five:

    Do you use wool felt or the more affordable acrylic felt?

  3. thanks girls - Kristen I will most certainly show you my little valentines day display when it's done..:)
    Ali - that headband is adorable I might have to make one too!! I used the felt in my stash and I believe only the yellow is wool the other two colors are acrylic! post pictures if you make a headband for your sweet girl!

  4. oh, i thought i commented on this too.

    well, what i said was...looks like we're thinking alike! heart bunting to hang from our box beams is on the docket for me the end of the week (just in time for feb. 1st!) and then i think i'm going to take those old felt eggs i made ages ago and add them to a yarn wreath for the easter holdiay...i like to put that up straight after valentine's- it makes me so hopeful for spring!

    i love the scale of these sweet hearts and i too am looking forward to seeing your display...i really wish i had a fireplace or a piano...heck, i hope the next house has both!!

  5. just gave you a shout out on my blog today!


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