make something monday :: doily prints

last week when I was wrapping Christmas gifts I decided to try to make something fun and handmade with supplies I had around the house. I grabbed the roll of white craft paper we use most days for coloring and painting, some doilies that were sitting on my desk, a handful of acrylic paints and a sponge brush.
My idea was to use the doilies as a stencil thinking it would make a cute snowflake pattern and started playing around with it. But I only finished enough paper for one present before I decided to divert my attention to printing doilies onto some of Josie's white onesies. I just loved how sweet and delicate the pattern looked - feminine and perfect for an easy design.
Then it occurred to me that the prints looked more like a wreath than a snowflake. I got out my favorite glue went to town decorating the green one with a pink velvet bow and rhinestones, things I already had sitting around my studio.
Josie wore it to the Christmas Eve service at church with a matching bow in her hair. It looked so cute for the five minutes that it wasn't covered in baby spit up!
I was glad that I was able to make a little something special for her first Christmas and think I will try my hand at painting onesies again in the very near future, so instantly gratifying! 
What about you, did you make anything for your little ones to wear this year? Next up I want to try an easy skirt pattern that is running around in my head - I love having a little girl to dress, sooo much fun!!

*for this project I first slid a piece of card stock in between the layers of fabric and then simply laid a doily onto the spot desired. I carefully dabbed some fabric (I used acrylic) paint over the doily with a sponge brush. I found that a lighter hand made a prettier print. Let the paint dry for several hours and then turn the shirt inside out and heat set by ironing several times over the printed area. Turn the shirt right side out and embellish with whatever fun things you have - I could totally see embroidery on these too! 


  1. love this! there is no end to your beautiful creativity. xo

  2. this is such a sweet idea and so totally are an artist!


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