make something monday :: sequins paper chain necklace

this is a super easy and festive way to spice up any outfit for the season. I could also see these strung on the tree, which I might actually have to do one year. An easy gift as well - they are fairly addicting once you get started.

you will need:

sequin's tape
fabric glue - {I like fabri-tac}

cut the sequins tape into 4.5" pieces, carefully glue each link together using fabric glue, sew ribbon on the ends, throw on your cutest party dress and new necklace - enjoy!


  1. so wait, are you selling these? cause you know i always love to buy me some orangepoppy jewelry creations!

  2. Ohh I love this one too! You are super creative! It WOULD look lovely hung on a tree as well :)

    XO Lindsay @ Delighted Momma

  3. I never thought of these as jewelry, although I've used the paper chain motif as party decor often...

    Great idea! So bold and simple.


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