dinner at eight

Andi and Rebekah
Dinner at Eight is a special monthly project born out of desire to be more intentional about dating our husbands during this crazy season of life with very young children and not a lot of extra means to afford hiring babysitters and going out to dinner on a regular basis.

I became a little desperate to find some one on one time with my sweetie and thought “why not put the kids to bed early once in awhile and plan a date night here at home” – I instantly knew I needed a friend to partner with me because accountability is key. It’s so easy to postpone being intentional there is always something ‘more’ important on the list. Andi was the perfect fit a long distance friend through the amazing blogosphere. Someone to not only plan dates with but also hold each others marriages up in prayer and provide a voice of encouragement when we are feeling weary.  We have spent the past six months planning these date nights and loving them!

So many of you have voiced your need for a little more accountability and inspiration in the dating department too so the Dinner at Eight challenge is here!

Each month Andi and I will come up with a theme to inspire your creative juices and we will set a linky up on this page so that we can all see and be encouraged by one another! The linky will be open all month long so pick a date that works for you and go for it. All you have to do is add the Dinner at Eight button to your post so that others can get involved too!

May you all be blessed in dating your sweethearts at home we are encouraged and inspired by you guys and will be holding you up in prayer as well!

Rebekah and Andi
February Theme : SWEETHEART

September Theme: TAKEOUT FOR TWO


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