SEA to Sea // Evening

Oh I have such a love hate relationship with the evening hours, the rushing to get homework done and dinner on the table and bedtime and bath time and all the chaos in between. We are always trying different things to help make the evening hours run smoother around here. There are sweet things about the evening too, a time to take a deep breath and settle in and let the day wind down…I was amazed at how similar some of the photos in the weeks set were. Somehow knowing that we are all in this together is beautiful and comforting and reminds me that seasons come and seasons go just like days turning to night - the rhythm of life. It's all a gift.

Check out Stacy's thoughts this week on the evening HERE.

SEA to Sea is a weekly collaborative project I am doing with my dear friend Stacy Bostrom focusing on a theme of gratitude and grace each week and sharing our captures and thoughts together from the city of Seattle to the Shores of San Diego…other themes found HERE.

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  1. there is so much beauty in the lives you both live. i love these posts. xoxo


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